I have a mammoth unit and the 1st stage compressor constantly loads. On start up, it loads immediately with the load solenoid energized(valve closed). When the control energizes the unload solenoid, the compressor unloads and then immediately loads when the unload solenoid de-energizes. I replaced the load solenoid as the probable culprit and fired the compressor back up. The compressor would not load at all for about 1 hour and then started loading without de-energizing the load solenoid. My next step is to valve off the capillary line that feeds the load solenoid, but I have some time until that can be done...Soooooooo--I wanted to poll the gallery and ask your expert opinions since this is the first Fu-sheng I have worked on. Does this sound like an internal lip-seal type problem and if so, has anyone cracked open one of these compressors?