I sure wish I had picture but I can explain it pretty well.

We have worked on a discount store's RTU's for years. The last few years the ones controlling thier money hasn't allowed and spending since the store isn't that profitable. There are 11 big boy units in all. I can't tell you model numbers right off but they're all Lennox units from 1973, look like 10 ton or more with gas fired heat. Even when a unit would go down the company controlling thier money wouldn't allow the repair.
Now the store is making money and they are ok'd to go with the low bidder to have things fixed. So here's the run down.
Out of 11 units:
8 with bad compressors
2 of the units with working comps have VERY weak compressors, and the R-22 smells burnt.
2 with bad induced draft blowers, there may be more wrong but can't tell if I can't get the draft motor goin'.
1 with 2 bad blower motors
1 bad ignition control board
1 unit that is just plain done for
1 with a bad heat exchanger
1 had a plugged condensate LOL
Not to mention all the other little crap like plugged coils and such.

Ofcourse some of the problems listed are in the same unit as another problem. I haven't even started on the estimate yet but they are looking at a bunch of $$$. At minimum 8 units just need replaced. Ofcourse some hack will undercut me and replace the compressors in the 31 year old junkers.
You should see these things, I may go take some pics Monday. These babies had compressor terminals blown clear off. Another, the entire inerds were gutted due to a lightning induced fire. One, the company that went out the first time, they tore it down, threw the parts inside and closed the doors, didn't put it back together . I think at most I can salvage 4 of the units but I refuse to put my name on crap and I'll be damned if I am going to do it cheap enough to be low bidder. I guess I'll let the gods decide if the company is going to wisen up enough to let me do it right.

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