On my way to work today @ 6:30AM a Jeep Liberty 4 cars ahead of me decided she was gonna cut into 695 (4 lanes each way ) from a merge doing 65MPH before the solid line ran out. There was a broken down truck inbetween the solid lanes between the merge lanes and 695, the lady was looking in her side mirror to get over and WHAM!! ran right into the back of this broken down ford. Her Jeep flipped end over end, landed on its passenger side, rolled onto the drivers side and slid 30 yards on its side. I was the third person to the Jeep. The lady was ALIVE !! I was amazed that anyone lived through what I saw !!! She was cut up pretty bad but all in all looked OK. I realized that that could happen to any of us at any time . One of the things that kinda made me think was that there was only 4 of us who stopped in rush hour traffic to help the lady. People were acctually driving by on the shoulder beeping their horns. It kinda made me think that people in a whole really don't give a crap about anyone but themselves. It was kinda sad that only 4 of hundreds of cars had stopped to help. Anyway I will stop babbling, just always remember that life really is precious and treasure every moment you are alive.