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    With the new NSF7 ratings, tables have changed. Which brand do you like the best. Or should I ask, which is the "lesser piece of cr*p".

    I put True on the bottom, Silver King on top(best of a bad lot) and Bev-aire in the middle of this three way.

    I had to change a t'stat on a True table a few weeks back, and the access to the element tube was so bad, I wanted to take a bat to it. Feeding a long cap tube, with your hands over the cutting fins, feeding the sensor into their sleeve, gotta make a 180 deg bend w/ 4" of clearance. Anyone out there know what I mean?

    Let the HVAC-talk community hear your vote. It don't mean sh*t to anyone else but us, but, WTF.

    I hope you all have a great weekend.
    Experience is what you have an hour after you need it.

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    As far as I'm concerned they all suck big-time. I see more True or Superior name-branded True units because they're the ones that low ballers sell and low budgets buy most often.

    The sandwich prep tables after the NSF rules came out back in what?.....'97?? do work a lot better at holding the top temps as they never could do it before that. Now I get calls that the peppers and onions are freezing in the top trays. You can't win.

    I agree with you about the t'stat coil insertion in a True is grounds for hazardous duty pay. Since I dislike doing it so much and True uses the absolute worst thermostats in the world, I always change them out with an A12-700 Ranco. They're a little easier to install and they will last a lot longer.

    Speaking of True thermostats......have you dealt with their new replacement deal where you have to install a pilot relay in addition to the t'stat? What a crock.

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    Do a directory lookup for Orange County California. Turtle Soup magazine.
    Call and ask to speak with the editor.

    He is "Mr. Restaurant" himself! He will tell you what works and what dont. His perspective is from that of an owner/operator ... not that of a reapir person.

    He is not arrogant or puffed up. He will talk with just about anybody.
    His knowledge is quite valuable for sure.

    Youve also got another option, if you have the time and desire.
    Take an old cabinet, in good order, and gut it ... then install all new refrig. Do it like you would for your own gig.

    Dont laugh. When you consider what a new case costs ...doing it this way is not cost prohibitive! It is actually a good value.

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    Delfield with the ice rails on top, think they are custom made for dunkin doughnuts the only place I have seen them.

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    Originally posted by cynic
    Delfield with the ice rails on top, think they are custom made for dunkin doughnuts the only place I have seen them.
    B+ for Delfield, their cabinet are ok, most of their interiors part are fell apart or ate away by pickle acid within two or three years.

    Which brand do i like? I like them all no matter how 's junky they are, just make the hamburgers and pay my share

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