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    I restored my 1970 BigBlock T Top Coupe . Bought it partially restored and finished it up myself. Great experience in patience. Im going to join a local Vette club next week. I enjoy going to car shows with it, and down to Mid AMericas FUNFEST weekend in Southern Illinois each year. Had the motor rebuilt and bumped up the performance specs from 454cid/390hp/ 468cid/540hp/600tq. Lots of fun, plenty of passing power , and still gets 13.5 mpg on the highway.

    Tell me about yours.

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    Here's my closest to a Vette. My wife has a friend whose dad has a 67' 427 Vette that's been sitting next to his barn since 79' cause the tranny is bad but won't sell it cause someday he's gonna fix it. Makes me sick. The engine's a little dirty in this pic but I've since cleaned it up. It's a 350 400+Hp

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    Very nice looking motor. I like the blue highlights. I did my Vette motor in blue highlights too. If you email me at ill send you 4 pics from a car show i was in. Thats a shame about that 67 vette sitting there by a barn; that is a hot year right now .... brings big bucks for one in decent conditon. Especially if its a 427 .


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