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    Hi guys,
    I'll be starting Intellitec college's HVACR program in July and wanted to get feedback from anyone who has attended this college. What did you like or dislike? How much hands on did you get? How well did they prepare you for this line of work? Stuff like that. I'm also interested in any OJT opportunites that are out there as well.


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    I've only known guys who went to Red Rocks.

    I didn't know there was another. I'm sending my son this fall. Got any online info on them?
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    Didn't we already try this once?

    Anyway, I graduated from that exact school. If you would like to talk a bit about it, I'm here to give you all the information you need. Please feel free to call at 7193229377 anytime.

    I know that they have a website as a whole, but I don't know how much it gets into the HVAC portion of it. The school also does computers and drafting. They have a medical branch here in town also.

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