We got this big old A/C compressor, a fifty horse direct drive, we got the unit down from the upper motor room and we're out on the loading dock gonna set it into the back of a company pick up truck.

There was a variety of opinions about HOW it outa be shoved in there.

To make a long story short ... the last words I heard from the guy runnin the pallet jack was; "Watch out, I'm gonna hafta bump it!"

As four of us stood there watching .... this fifty horse carlyle ROLLED end over end, (side over side ?), tumbling into the front of the pick up truck ... where it promptly punctured a thirty of twenty-two .... giving us all a big ol blast of really cold stuff..... ......

As my co-worker and I are pulling away from the dock ... he rolls down his window and says; "Now remember, this NEVER really happened! .... Right?"