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    Was asked to look at a hydraulic assist revolving door. After getting power to hydraulic unit it waould only produce about 100 psi checked with 2 gauges. Motor amps are low. Tried plugging all ports to isolate hyd. unit and still would only pump 100 psi. I don't know what normal operating pressure is supposed to be, but gauge on unit goes to 2000 psi and hyd. lines are rated to 2750 psi. I'm thinking 100 is way to low with only 1/4 lines and a huge, heavy door to move. I'm thinking pump is weak and would like to remove and tear down, figure I'd see if anyone here has any input before I go further. I've pretty much isolated the hyd. unit but maybe I'm missing something. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Sorry, I dont mess with hydrolics. Im sure there are some gurus on here that might though. I think your the first hydrolics poster Ive seen. Good luck!
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    Worked on a few compactors and some farm equipment,you really need a manual to understand what they are trying to accomplish. Check fluid level if there is a resivour[sic],may have a filter clogged or just dirty,could have a pressure relief valve opening too soon. If it is to assist a door it may not need all that much pressure, you can do a lot of work with 100 p.s.i. Remember that you could be held liable if a child,elderly person or God forbid a small goat got caught in it. Good luck.
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