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    You'll never get it!

    1. 80% furnace vented into brick chimney, no tile liner, no metal liner

    2. 4 ton Bard on Trane with 3 ton drive. Duct capacity about 3 tons max.

    Stand by for the after picture on the Wall of Pride! Old house used as hair salon. Will have 5 ton air, 80% with 5 ton drive, chimney liner and full duct capacity!

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    They better have a space guard anyone coming back in the future to clean that evap. will be there for days.
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    Holes in the heat exchanger caused by chemicals from hair salon leaking air into the the heat exchanger and out the chimney.

    Just a guess

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    Im suprised the chimney is not damaged from condensate the furnace would make. Water freezing and expanding between cycles can break that baby apart without a liner. Good luck with the new 5 ton.
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    You are using the wrong tool pouch. Terrible for productivity.
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    Asbestos siding and water in the basement. Along with the HVAC problems, this house is a real fixer-upper.

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