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    Replacements for r22 units

    I was wondering if anybody had used 422b as a replacement for r22. I have put it in 2 units both straight air unit so far it's working good. Has anyone else had any experiences with it?

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    I use Dynatemp 421A .

    R-421a is the only 2 component blend to replace r22. Also, R-421A does Not contain any flammable hydrocarbons (such as butane) as well as usable with Mineral, AB or POE oils.

    • Unique non-ozone depleting, long-term replacement for R22 refrigerant

    • Environmentally GREEN refrigerant

    • Replace R22 without unit modification

    • Does not contain hydrocarbons, such as Butane, Isopentane or Isobutane

    • Replaces R22 with no change of oil

    • Usable in compressions designed for R22

    • Usable with Mineral, AB or POE oils

    • Only 2-component blend to replace R22

    • Non-flammable; Rated A1 by ASHRAE

    • Comparable to R22 performance temperature range

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