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Thread: Trane XL824

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    Trane XL824

    Has anybody had any issues with the trane XL824 thermostat? Can't find any information on the net. I've had one installed since October and on xmas day the screen looked like a strobe light, returned for warranty and installed new one, ran for about 30 min and screen went solid white.

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    Hi Snead. I have a XL824. Did you get yours working?

    Could you do me a favor and do the following on it?

    If anyone has a XL824, please do the following steps and let me know if you have a RH humidity calibration:

    1. Press menu
    2. press service
    3. press and hold 'technician access' until the screen changes
    4. click proceed
    5. click installer setup
    6. press the arrow key down to group 3 of 6.

    Do you have a onboard humidity calibration option?

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