I hear this thing about, "I'll never let a Union Represent me". I am telling you. It's not all like this big political thing. Talk your talk if you must, but when I hear that, I myself think, that you don't truly get the real way it is in a trade union. Not a UAW or Teamsters or whatever. A union that focuses on the trades. UA, IBEW, ect. The average good tradesman. A guy who is a worthwhile guy. A guy who is knowledgeable. He makes more bones as a union guy overall. And also there are a few non union guys who also make a good living. Really truly read what I spoke of in that long post. If you a tech working in the feild and are good, you'll make more money, you'll get more bennies, you'll see more oppurtunity to train yourself to move ahead. Oppurtunity is abound for you if your good, union or non union. But you will make more money in the union.