Don't know about you, I served 10 years in th Army My oldest son served 4 in the Navy, my yougest son is finishing his 6 in the Army, my father and his brother both served in WW2 and both my grandfathers served in the Army. I have an extreme personal interest in the very values and beliefs that my family has fought for for so many generations. One of which is the freedom of choice. The unions have helped build this country's workplace and in the same stroke created some of the worse corruption ever seen. Let's deal in historical facts not rhetoric. Fact, the unions have been on a steady decline for the past few decades, it's called evolution. Yes the unions do represent a minority of the American workers and union members do get fair pay and benefits, but the reality of it is that despite what the union may have you believe, there is a very large segment of the American workforce out here that does not work union and does make very good money and gets a very good benefit package. That's how so many companies keep the unions out, by taking care of the workers. My father's father worked union for over 20 years before the Depression hit. After which he never went back to the union again and instilled in his son's and myself that we didn't need a union to "represent" us. This from a man that watched friends, neighbors and coworkers get beaten by the company goons for union organizing. There was a time in this country when a worker needed the unions to keep from being treated unfairly, now a competent worker with a brain can look out for himself and his family and live a very comfortable life. No the unions never have and never will represent me and all thier lobbying in Congress is not for my benefit or the benefit of the masses of American workers, it's for the benefit of the union and only the union.