We installed a new 15ton carrier rooftop, had crane come in, we are a union shop and crane was non union and we didnt know it. Well needless to say the picketers showed up along with the crane. 1st pic is the non union crane. we did not cross their picket line and had to tell the crane to hit the bricks.

now the second pic about 4 hrs later the union crane shows up that we called, he was a happy go lucky guy.

the reason he was happy cause when we got the old unit off and the curd to the roof it was wrong... had a hard time to make it fit. Alot of transition work to do but we did it.

I forgot my cam today for the finished work but it dont look 1/2 bad.
dont hire a non union crane when your union is what we found out. It was the office fault.

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