hhhmmm did a bid on a job complete install in an existing home with no a/c. Bid a little lower than I wanted too I know I must have came in pretty good cause when I gave the husband the price he said "That includes everything?" usually my first clue I underpriced myself.Anyway he said ok i will get back to you this was last Saturday. His wife calls leaves a message today and it was like 95 here so i am figuring they broke down and were deciding to get the job done instead she is rambling about her thumb how she injured it and takes pain medication for it and she is in a lot of pain now she has go to take more medication. Bye. That was the whole message no mention of the job, did not ask for me to call back, did not say she had any questions.

I have not called them back yet ... I got the message late today. Maybe i should wait till next time she's loaded up on meds and call her back and let her know I will be right over for the deposit on the job..lol!

This is too wierd though anybody ever get these types .. I am actually get that sixth sense of knowing its time to walk away. First mistake price too low Second mistake this lady is wacked. why should I hang in there for the third.

Anybody got experience with dealing with customers from an alternate reality?

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