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    I'm just glad he's out of Texas.

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    Well now that’s true too many foreigners here as it is.

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    Classic .. you sound like your old fashioned. Your obviously NOT a redneck!

    As far as there being too many "foreigners" here in The Great State of Texas ... you shoulda been at my wedding.

    My Father inlaw performed the ceremony. And my brother in law was the host.

    There was an old family friend from Paris, here visiting with her husband, who happens to be a high ranking magestrate over there.

    ANYWAY ...... my bro in law comes out, just prior to the ceremony of our wedding ... and he's got on this funky old straw hilbilly hat, fake mustache and buck teeth.
    He had this flag put up on the wall behind the couch of the State flag of Texas.

    Here's where it starts gettin interesting ....
    Half the room was from "outa state".

    He proceeds to announce that everyone here may not all be FROM Texas, but nobody tonight is leaving this house until they swear their allegiance TO Texas!!!

    it was hillarious to watch the looks on everyones faces!

    Then he pulls out, from behind the kitchen counter, this 12 gage pump and racks the thing ..... I'm tellin ya ... if there woulda been a chunk of coal up their drawers that night ... you woulda heard the sound of "Diamonds" dropping to the floor!!!

    And then he made em put on the teeth, the hats, the fake mustache and all repeat after him their allegiance to Texas.

    And to make matters even MORE interesting ... and maybe "nerve racking" ... he has them photographed as it's happening.....

    Hmmmm..... I wonder what a picture of that French judge ... "in costume"... would be worth in American Dollars???

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    You are correct

    Originally posted by classical
    Well now that’s true too many foreigners here as it is.
    Had a vietnamese who could not speak English for a supervisor.

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