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    A team of University at Buffalo scientists and engineers has developed a device that in minutes, instead of months, could safely and inexpensively destroy airborne biological agents in buildings.

    The device, called the BioBlower, has immediate homeland-security applications, with the potential to eradicate a wide range of biological pathogens, such as anthrax, smallpox, SARS, influenza, tuberculosis and other toxic airborne species.

    It destroys pathogens by rapidly heating contaminated air and could be employed either as a portable air-purification unit for first responders at the site of a biological attack or installed as a permanent part of a building's air-handling system to be activated immediately as soon as biological toxins are detected.

    “In the BioBlower, the entire volume of air ingested by the rotary pump is rapidly compressed and heated to between 200 and 250 degrees C”

    more here...,2606,125991,00.html

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    sounds SCARY to me, given that steel beams will warp @ ~450F! ( 250C ~482F

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    Heat does kill, when I have a bad smell from my van a/c, I turn off the fan and turn on the heat for about 15 min. Gets rid of the smell.

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