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    My husband did a job for a friend of his, he told this person to get inspection on electric before unit was installed. This person done the total opposite, he wanted the unit put in first. My husband told him that inspector would come in and make him get a permit. My husband is very good at what he does. He works for a co. in Milton. this guy called my husband's job and they told him they had nothing to do with it. Mind you, my husband got the system from his job. Could you please help in telling who we can get or what we can do?

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    Just walk away.
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    This guy may soon become an enemy of your husbands. It sounds like your husband does'nt have the necessary licenses to do what he did. You may need the services of a good lawyer if the guy keeps pressing for the permit.

    Any of my guys do side jobs "for a friend", they know not to come back to work the next day.

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    Sounds like your husband did this job with his employer's knowledge. Is that correct?

    Has everyone been paid?

    The guy that got the unit doesn't sound like a very good friend. Hopefully everyone has learned a lesson.

    Tell the inspector or anyone else that your husband did the job at cost. No profit was made. Do not give any impression that your husband was in business for himself. There is no business, your husband was just doing a favor. So the responsiblity for getting the permit is the owner of the property. Put it out of your mind. Like itsamine said, "Just walk away."

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    In most places a homeowner can take out a permit to do his own work, even if not licensed. Maybe the guy could take the permit out and say he did the job himself.

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    Asking someone to put his name on your job kinda sucks.
    I did it once for a plumber who worked for my bro. Very nice guy and all but I worried about it......that and the fact it took me 9 months to get reimbursed for it since it was gov money and got all messed up.
    He did give me 25% extra though, which was nice.
    Still, I said I ain't doing this again.
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    doesnt sound like this guy is much of a friend. give him his money back & repo the unit .

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    If he got the unit from his job won't they pull the permit for him? I bet it is getting hot in Pensacola (my home town) I don't mis the humidity a bit!
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