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    Is there room in das boat?

    Sorry to crash your party Stephen, But I am very much in the same boat. I have recently lost my job in manufacturing and even before was considering a job in HVAC. I am 34 and live in SF area. I have been searching the web for classes but the only thing that seems to be available is ONLINE Courses. I am really kind of shying away from that because I am a hands on kind of person. In other words I think I would appreciate the classroom more. And what do the online courses really have to offer?

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    One day in the field, is worth a week in the classroom. To have some background knowlege is helpful, but experience is the best teacher.

    A working apprenticeship with formal schooling at night, is the best way to learn.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    Starting an HVAC Career at Age 64

    I retired from the military 17 years ago (Aircraft Maintenence). Worked as Maintenance Manager for a hospital for 5 years and hated it. Retired at the age of 54 eleven years ago. I have a BA in Business and a MS in Education. I'm not one to sit around the house and watch Oprah all day so I started taking HVAC clases nights at a nearby Community College two years ago. Couple more courses (non-A/C type)and I'll have an Asociates Degree. I recently went to work as a tech for a fellow student who got his license and started a new business. So far I have installed half a dozen condensers, several complete replacemts and done some troubleshooting and repair. It's true, installing replacement units is hard work, but I haven't had so much fun since the hogs ate my brother. I'll be 65 in August.

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    What about the school?

    I live near San Francisco and I am having difficulty locationg a nearby school. In this state as a matter of fact. Anyone know of one? By the way, Thanks, you all are a great support and I look forward to being able to offer the same kind of support one day.

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