Whoops, started this thread accidently in res hvac........Now let's put it where it belongs.

The facts as I know them minus a couple

Box temp 43
r404 system
evap split 2 degrees
41 degree temp exiting evap
38 degree suction line temp at compressor
suction = 80+/-
high side 250
ambient = 85
Cose suction and system takes approx 3 minutes to pull down to 0 psig. Lock down high and leaks back to 20 psig in about 2 min. Changed one condensor motor. Evap and condensor both clean. Dang thing acts like overcharge but nothing been added. Been running for 4 years till this. System is a Bohn with the beacon system attached. Small box (8x10), w/15 ft of line. Overnite, will not go below 39.

Any thoughts? I got pulled off for some A/C while boss went to look at this one after I had started. He's baffled, but as a result I don't have info on subcool and condensor splitt, etc