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    Hmm Can you say Oil Trap?

    I love these guys who appear, slam together a new restaurant and disappear. Job security, I love it!

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    Looks like they left some copper there. Is that exposed wireing in that jbox...its hard to tell.
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    When you go to an ice machine seminar they always show you a picture of this or at least joke about it happening. This was installed either by an electrician or a real lazy refrigeration guy. Personally I don't think they should even sell linesets anymore. 95% of the time you have to cut them anyway. I guess they just want to appeal to the developers and keep the cost down by having anybody install it.

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    I remember the old man telling me to leave the excess (of the pre-made line sets) laying horizontal so OIL WOULD NOT TRAP).

    I guess these guys didn't receive the same advice?

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    This is what you get with pre-charged stuff. I happens all over. I wish they would stop selling precharged stuff.

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    Big Dummy! You're supposed to strip off the insulation and wrap the lines around the unit as a second heat-ex.
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