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    Question Several birds with one stone? Drinking water well and geothermal?

    Planted about 20 trees around my cookie cutter subdivision home that was placed in an old hay field. So I am using $$ water per month.

    Also the builder cut corners and mismatched the heat pump and air handler. System works but not perfect.

    Now that uncle Sam is offering a 30% rebate on the total cost of geothermal and I need cheap drinking/irrigation well, what can be the most cost effective?

    Middle Georgia. Moist clay soil 1/2 mile from a very huge lake. 1400sqft house on an unfinished basement. Outside heat pump all electric with air handler in the attic. Vents are run through the attic.

    A nearby well company charges 9.00 per foot on well drilling, for drinking water wells.

    I have room to run what ever system I needed and can rent backhoe or trenchers to save labor. But I thought a one hole well could knock out both requirements for water and geo purpose as well as take advantage of tax rebate.

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    well water

    You have three things to consider when using a well.

    1 water quality
    2 water quantity
    3 where the water goes after it leaves the GSHP

    Some people drill a second "return" well to deal with #3.

    An open loop system can be very efficient if designed properly.

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    We do a lot of standing column wells in our area. Since we do multiple systems and 2-stage products, we're using variable speed well pumps and yes, it's easy to branch off for domesting and/or irrigation. We have to test every well when it's drilled but not to potable water standards. It's another $$ to test to that level. Definitely not a deal breaker. And if you find some sort of anomaly in the water, it may be something that can be solved with a water softener of some sort. BTB we drill into bedrock and plan on 120-feet per ton as the norm.
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