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    Import graphics to an enterprize server

    I am using work place pro and I can't figure out how to import a jpeg or a gif file into the local library on the server.

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    If you're using WPP on the same machine as the server I believe you can just use Windows explorer to copy it into your images folder under Naigara\Stations\stationname\images and it will show up. You may have to stop the station or close & reopen the llibrary. What have you tried? If WPP is on another machine just open your local library and copy/paste into the remote library.

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    Wpp is on my laptop, the server is in the data center and the graphics I want to import are on a network drive. I have tried copy and paste but that didnt work.

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    try copy and paste in Windows, not in WPP. That should allow you to get it to the local library and it can be moved after that.

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