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    Guess just hanging up the phone would be too easy
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    This would be fun since caller ID has told you the number.....

    Call them and tell them to get thier a$$ over there and fix your a/c NOW! ....when they say we don't do that.......hang up and do it again, and again, and again, and again, well you get the point.

    Then finally say, well then quit calling me, my name is NOT _______!

    Something else that you could do is change your phone number. Some how telemarketers get my cell number and I have to change it when it gets bad time I'll ask them thier address so I can mail them the bill

    As far as recording, the law varies from state to state. Here in Iowa the person(s) being recorded must be informed. Sometimes, your phone company can print you a sheet of your incoming calls for a fee, this would show the number of times they have called you.

    I know what this is like. I swear my advertising account file at our local newspaper is labeled MISC. and then I have to dig out the paper from the day the charged me for an ad and say see....where's my ad? Finally I told them to get it right or I'm not paying, and I haven't.
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