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    Mammoth Nomenclature

    Hi! I'm looking at three very old Mammoth rooftop units. I need to know the tonnage of these units. Is anybody here familiar with the Mammoth nomenclature? Here are the model numbers:

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    the letters start at the discharge end of the unit, and tell you what you have in order. d- discharge, h-heating, e-evaporater, b-supply fan, f-filter,r-gravity return/exhaust fan, c-condenser. This should be how you see the unit layed out. the next three digits refer to nominal capacity, and amount of compressors. so, for example, 162 equals 16 tons, 2 compressors. the next part of the sequence is the type of heat. g would equal gas, and the 3 you show may be an S which would be steam, followed by actual heating capacity mbh output. the L275 refers to the originalk curb type, which in your case was a lennox L275. I believe your last series of digits should be MZ followed by a number, which would indicate a multizone unit, and the actual number of zones specified.
    Assuming you are trying to replace these, mammoth can and wil lbuild them, but they are not inexpensive. good luck.

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    Thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed!

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