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    This is my 1987 eddie bauer bronco. The state of PA won't let me get it inspected since the converters have been removed. Drove it less than 100 miles last year. But if I apply for classic plates it doesn't need converters. Stupid rules, in my area converters don't have to work just be on there.

    PA gave me antiques for my 1979 bronco, I'm hoping this one is worthy of classic plates.

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    Do they limit you on miles per year with the classic plate?? If you put in convertors, or shells of convertors, will they let you inspect it then?? Good looking Bronco - we have a 1995 Eddie Bauer Bronco with a 351. Just ripped out the auto lockers and put in manual lockers. We go to the mountains out your way and have a blast between the dirt bikes and 4x4's.

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    Dont think an 87 will qualify as "classic"

    Have someone weld something on there that looks like a converter, just for looks, or pull one from a junkyard vehicle and slap it on there just to get inspected.

    Thankfully I live in a state that doesnt do inspections, they would probably send my car to the crusher immediately lol, its thouroughly "de-smogged"

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    15 years for classic plates in PA. It's a one time fee of 97.50 and dot retitles the vehicle as classic. You own the plate for life, and no yearly registration renewal. There is a milage restriction, but it's not strictly enforced. I could put converters on it but they made me mad and I'm not going to.

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    PA here too.

    If you go to the site. It states vehicles with under 5000 miles a year are exempt. and qualify for an exempt sticker. You still have to pay the fee.
    I have an 87 Supersport and I has to print the rules and take them to the inspection station to prove my point.
    Apparrently, there are many "inspectors" that are not aware of the laws governing these emmision inspections.

    And in fact, if you call the emmision office, you will get conflicting and erronous info. Facts are under 5000 miles a year, your exempt. Print the rules on exemption from the site and take them with you.

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