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Thread: Glycol systems

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    Question Glycol systems

    I have spent almost my entire career on a roof or in a house . I recently came in-house with self-contained Trane and McQuay equipment . One of the techs told me Glycol systems are almost 100% efficient . On a roof , I am looking for 30 degrees above ambient for pressures . He told me look at the Glycol temperature for pressures , no add . He said dont worry about subcooling just get 10 - 12 degrees superheat . I dont want to look stupid but i had to admit i did not know . He said i should get 23 SEER with Glycol .

    Does this guy know what hes talking about and do i need to go back to school ?

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    The guy that invented the 100% efficient machine is the same guy that invented perpetual motion......

    You need to get the equipment IOM's and see if the mfr says you need subcooling or not. Do you have TXV's? If so, then absolutely you need subcooling. And you'll have approach on a glycol cooled condenser just like you would on a water cooled condenser. Nothing is 100% efficient, and there is no sensible heat transfer without temperature differential. You just need to get familiar with the gear you're working on. Your 'friend' needs to spend some time learning what he's talking about instead of trying to convince you that he already knows...............

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    ah, jer cough there i would say. glycol is used to protect the system from bursting due to low temps. glycol is actually less efficient than wawa. you really need to look at what your application is, type of expansion device and manufacturers specs. subcooling is there to keep your liquid line from flashing due to pressure drop from the condenser to the expansion device. how the hell does glycol prevent that? then again, maybe i am clueless too.

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