Spotts I have an Amana question for ya.

I went to look at a GUCA070 furnace yesterday. Someone installed a Skuttle humidifier on it. Well the HO said that the furnace wasn't working. So I look at it and 3 flashes are coming from the control board. Thats telling me a pressure switch is not closed. The Inducer motor is not running at all. I checked for power from the control mod to the motor and it's not sending any juice to it.

What I'm confused on is why the control board is not telling me why the inducer is not working. This is the first thing to come on in the furnace.

This type of furnace has tabs on the control board for the humidifier so when the inducer motor runs power is sent to the humidifier. Is it possible that the humidifier shorted out the board. I also disconnected the humidifier and still nothing.


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