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    Has anyone tried "Super Seal HVACR" yet, from Cliplight? It's supposed to permanently seal leaks in systems for up to 300 psig. Johnstone carries it and promotes it.

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    I hope it goes on the outside of the line and not in the system.

    If it goes on the outside of the line, do you heat it up when you apply it?

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    Here's a reply I posted on the Res forum the other day:

    We have a medium temp walk in box that we were adding gas on a regular rate. Try-ed to find leak(s) many times over, no go. Added that snake oil ( for three phase system) back at the start of November of last year. We have not added any more gas or gone on another problem on that box since. ( I'm wrong had a condenser fan motor fail).

    Now, this is an older system with a R-12 replacement gas in it at this time.

    The jury is still out, I believe if in the fall it's still OK.
    But the product did stop the leak and has not caused a failure up to this point. And we have had daytime temps above 105f this year.

    At this point, I would use it in a older system.

    Thats my two cents only.
    Not any facts or figures, just a running system.

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    midhvac got me to thinking. If there is no sealant/adhesive that can seal a leak when applied to the outside, how the hell is this stuff going to seal leaks from the inside.

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    the reason it would seal from the inside is because the leak flows from in to out which would make the sealer go to the leak and in the hole. Kinda like the crap you put in a radiator, I guess.D:

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    So you just put ground up walnut hulls in there?

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm If it works, I'd like to have me some.
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    No Spotts, I think something like sand would do a much better job. Probably easier to put in the system than walnut lol

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    To my limited knowledge, there is not a product made which would seal a system leak of any kind... from the inside out.

    If you have an evaporator leaking, on copper or aluminum, you can try out Laco "Heat Stick". Sells for under fifteen dollars and allpies with light heat from a torch of any kind.

    I have made many a repair to an aluminum evaporator coil on domestic fridges in the past. This was by far the easiest leak repair I ever made.

    Of course you still have to flush the system, change the oil in compressor and replace the filter drier and evacuate. Then there's that fun and challenging thing of putting in just four ounces of freon... JUST four ounces ... yeh right.

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