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    I was wondering if there were any nate certified people out there that would or could recommend some prep literature,books,sites or w/e would be helpful in aiding me in succesfully completing the nate examination.
    I have ur basic refrigeration books and schooling for hvac,however i noticed some questions on the exam i dont deal with everyday so i dont have as much experience on some things,so i was hoping there was something out there that could help me get a good idea of every area i need to pick up on.

    I appreciate any feedback. the_guru`

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    I would recomend not posting in 3 different sections if you want to read the replys.

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    Well,some people dont go to all discussion forums,I wanted to get input from various people,maybe someone knows more about this particular subject then another? and i have plenty of time to read all the replies if there are alot of them.

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    Mr. Guru...I need to pass a test also..the Model Energy Code Mechanical considerations..also known as test "B" (in all honesty I must admit it is my husband and he got too impatient surfing..)I am trying to get the math! Do you already have this license? The math formula questions are impossible and the contractors all use programs to do it for them...WHAT? I know I can't help you with your refridgeration questions but, can you help me with my Thermal Conductance ones? drfixit

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