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    I would like to feed my ice maker with water from my reverse osmosis unit. I'll be using 3/8" poly tubing (since you can't use copper per the manufacturer). My question poly tubing suitable for use in walls and in the attic? My refrigerator is on the other side of my kitchen from my sink (which has the r/o system under it). It would be extremely difficult to run the line in the lower cabinets.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Water line

    I would rather run it through the cabinets where I live. Wouldn't want to risk it freezing in the winter.
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    They make plastic tubing for that, is this a home ice maker? 1/4" is plenty for that ya know.
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    Just like other lines we run, a long run needs to be stepped up sometimes.
    I ran mine with 3/8's, it worked o.k. I still see a little of a pressure drop even though it isn't a far run. I figure it is due to the RO pressure being low compared to pump tap pressure. It doesn't seem to affect the ice fill, but the tap on the door of the refer is slow.

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