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    Rheem does not want an oil trap.
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    Originally posted by rbheat
    No oil trap for that distance. I know from experience.If his evaporator is even 4 ft down hes done like dinner.

    OH, the Carrier/Bryant dealer does that all the time here, I know of many. I do have my eye on one Bryant unit he put in, now 2 years old that has the condenser on the roof, the lineset then comes over to the edge 1 foot and then it drops 16foot to a basement window, enters next to the window and then goes 14foot to the plenum and then it drops another 3 foot to the trap on it either . We have a bet going at the shop that it doesn't last through this summer, we'll see.
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    Originally posted by karsthuntr
    Rheem does not want an oil trap.
    On residential splits 5 ton and under Carrier does not want traps either.

    Carrier's long line application stats that if the condenser is above the evap you can run your line set 150' straight traps.

    Of course there are other items that pertain to a long line application...but no sense getting into that here.
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