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    Hi Everyone,
    I was asked to install, a provided condensing unit, in a 176 cu. ft. refrigerated van with a 59"x31"x15/8" plate evap. (no fans), these components worked together in another van. The compressor is a ct-22, 2800 btu, 115v.
    The suction press. is 15 to 17 psi, the discharge press. is 135 psi. evap. surface temp. is
    -10 box temp is 25 at it's best. The current super heat is 17 to 22 degrees. This is my first plate evap. system and I do not know what to expect. Do these conditions sound anywear near normal?

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    Please explain how you are measuring your superheat. Give specifics.

    Are you on hotshot or 134 or 409 or what?

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    super heat

    Measuring S H at evap. R-22

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    Head pressure seems awful low for r-22. Might need more refrig. Suction seems a bit high, possibly due to low charge and valve being wide open. Is there a receiver on this system. Sight glass??

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