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    My neighbor informed me that they had just bought a furnace, cond, and cased coil. The neighbors mom works for a wholesale house and supplied the equipment. So I take a look at it. 100k furnace and 2 ton cond for 1700sq. ft. whole house. I said that the furnace looks to big and that I should do a load calc. for him. Ht loss = 46892, ht. gain = 16583. He is going to exchange the furnace. Now he wants to know if I will install the new stuff. What would you do? I hate these situations. Whould you charge your normal rates, and how do you make up for the lost income on equipment? Uuuuggggghhh....neighbors. I guess im hunting for acceptable guidelines. Thank You!
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    It is summertime now. Do you have time to do a low priced job and turn away some of your regular customers? I know its your neighbor, but if you let him sweat it out for a few days (weeks) maybe he will see the value of FULL price.

    BTW, who provides the warranty on something like that?
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    that is way too close to home, literally. you will probably hear every little thing about the ac in the future. they may not be the type, but i sure as hell would'nt do it here in california. tell them you will recommend a prefessional you would trust.

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    I love having neighbors as customers. Close business is good business, but the circumstances you described sound like something I'd hate to get involved in for many different reasons which I'm sure will become obvious to you after you think about it for a while.

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    What does your neighbor do for work? And would you ask him for reduced price?

    My neighbor is a contractor and I bid his personal home as normal , only because I would not expect a discount from him on a house.

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