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    I am currently a student in a residential planning program, and one of this week's assignments is to gather information on the various types of HVAC units which are commonly used in the South East region, and to compare them in regards to their pros, and the problems which you may experience with each. If anyone is willing to provide information on this subject, I would really appreciate it.
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    i'm an HVAC teacher, I think its great your school gives assignments like this!
    Types of Residential Equipment in the South East:
    Heat Pump- economical, cheaper to operate than resistant heat, also does the cooling.

    LP & Natrual Gas fired forced air furnaces: great if fuel prices are low and A/C can be added on for air conditioning

    Oil Furnace: same as gas but last longer and uses Type 2 fuel or desiel, A/C can be added on for cooling

    Window Units or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning: good for small areas that need cooling and heating all electric.

    Ductless Split Systems: relatively new, but are being used more and more because they do not require duct work. Does cooling & heating.

    Problems- Most problems come from improper installation of these systems, but the biggest is electrical components failure. These units that cool require refrigerant to remove heat from the area that you want to control the temperature. So they can develope leaks, this is a common problem.

    I hope this helps. You asked a brod question and the answer could be 100 pages long if I had the time. Good Luck!

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    Thanks so much for the info. This definitely helps.

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