Thought I would share some pictures from day 1 one of Fly Iowa 2004. There were some nice planes on site and for a fee you could ride nearly any of them.

You could score a ride on this beautiful B25 for $450, it was awsome to see it in action. I can't imagine this thing coming at me, guns a blazin' 60 years ago. This plane was the first in the evoluion leading to todays AC-130 Gunships.

This is one of my favorites, a P51 Mustang. With a cruising speed of 450mph only one lucky person will win a ride in this one.

Here's the B25 and P51 flying in formation as they would've flow 60 years ago.

The patriotic flag drop at the beginning of the show.

This plane put on quiet a show.

I'm not very photogenic but that's me and my daughter after our little helicopter ride. It was fun, but $40 for 5 minutes.....I wouldn't pay that again.

My daughter, Elyssa loves helicopters.

A nice little show peice.

Well, that was how my Saturday was spent. I'll be out there again tommorrow too. My boss, the owner of the company put together the show this year, he runs our airport.

Just thought I'd share the pics.

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