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    Jun 2004
    im looking for the most compact clamp on amp meter that does everything micofareds peak hold the works any ideas or brand names would be appreciated

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    Nov 2003
    I like my UEI. I've also heard good things about Fieldpiece.

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    Personally I would not trust any meter not made by Fluke, make sure you get a True RMS meter if you do any work on equipment that has VFD's or any electronic circuit boards
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    I would go with a Fluke or a "Amprobe". I use a "Amprobe" for my troubleshooting and a pos in my tool bag.
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    Originally posted by klrogers
    Personally I would not trust any meter not made by Fluke, make sure you get a True RMS meter if you do any work on equipment that has VFD's or any electronic circuit boards
    I agree 100%.

    Buy the best Fluke meter you can possibly afford.

    Bad place to go for price.

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    Apr 2003

    I bought this one a couple months ago.

    Does pretty much everything. The only thing I don't like about it is that it starts off on mV and you have to change it. But, not bad for a $100.

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    Look at the Fieldpiece SC76. Does everything you descibed and then some, like NCV, max/min hold, also accepts ANY of the accessory heads FP makes like the manometer,superheat,infared temp,digital vacum heads. I own one and have one set up as a demo(along with all the heads)at my job. The basic meter costs about $135.00 contractors priced.
    All FP equipment was built and designed for the HVAC/R industry..
    You can check em out at


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    Dec 2002

    Bought one just like this for an affordable backup

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    They still in biz? Hard to believe.
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    Fieldpiece model HS-36, a newer one, has every thing we need in our trade. Temps, MFD's, freq, amp, True RMS, good leads and a nice carry bag.(Also min/max levels)Under 200.
    Also you can add on as you need. I now have four Fieldpiece meters and my Flukes are sitting in drawers more often.

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    Thumbs up

    I bought a Fieldpiece mdl. SC67 a while back and have been extremely pleased. I have found it does everything I need a meter to do without a hiccup over the last 2 years. I would recommend Fieldpiece to anybody. Some of my co-workers bought the UEI DL250 and the spring for the amp clamp broke (2 of the 3 who bought them). Don't know if UEI have improved their line. Well, thats my 2 cents.
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    I jus bought an Amp probe delux model for my back up. It does a whole lot.
    I have had that big ol Fluke meter Rob just mentioned. Not a bad price on ebay.

    Next time I buy it will probably be the latest series of Fluke meters. Like the 333 or 332 or soemthing.
    Biggest motor we got in any store is fifty horse. So I dont really need huge jaws or hi amp capacity.

    Buyt my first assault meter is my Fluke 16. No fuses to blow, auto ranges between volts: AC/DC, continuity. Auto polarity too boot.
    I cant stand using a regular meter anymore.

    Fluke ... it's what we use.

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