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Thread: Hearburn

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    Dow, a guy I used to work with had acid reflux so bad that he had to have surgery, but it wasn't as bad as you're talking. He was back to work in a few days.
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    Sorry to hear its so bad Dow, before you do it, sell the shop, you've been wanting to anyway, heal up and come south. If your out 6 months it will all go away anyway.

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    Thank you for responding. You have become a decent freind, as for what a freind can become over a distance and phone. As I am sure you see difficult times ahead in your personal and business life, I truly appreciate that you can appreciate what is on my plate. This is no joke folks. I have to do this. It's a matter of when. I could go for a long time with more and more medication, but at some point I need to deal with it. I urge anyone that has this condition to run not walk to the doctor. Had this been properly dealt with and managed a long time ago, I would not be having this decision to make. It gets progressively worse, not all of a sudden, and medications out these days can reverse effect the symptoms.

    As far as what I will do with how to make a living. I have enough coin to be taken care of while I am offline. Some business I am sure will go away. Some will use others while I am out. I am just a skeleton resemblance of my former self in Business. My key accounts, they will need to make some adjustments. I really have a set up that allows that flexibility. Also the accounts that I have some serious strength in are big dollar environments that have followed my progress with their equipment back to proper operating from the previous umpteen contractors. I fancy myself as a real brain troubleshooter, and I get those kinds of calls more so than daily fix it routine stuff anymore. And just when I want less of the brain and want more of the daily routine, part selling, gas em and go kind of work. Not bragging. Beleive me, it takes me months to sort out a mechancial system.

    So. Another thought and this is why I posted a question about any other contractors that have delved into different industries. I have had a very casual offer from a close freind from my Army days who does pharmeceutical sales. You would not beleive the kind of money that is involved. And he works for the largest of the companies and explained to me that, in their opinion, the best pharmecuetical sales people, previously were self employed types.

    So, with my svelt body, after this crap, my manicured hands and face, put on some khakis and a nice golf shirt. I just might be able to sell drugs and play golf a lot.

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    I know some guys in pharmecutical sales, one is a close friend since grade school. Not as easy as it may seem. Good luck in whatever you do.
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    hey DOW,good luck,sorry to hear about your problem.
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