I have had a heart burn condition for about the last 7 years. No matter my diet, no matter what, I have tried everything, I suffer from painful heartburn everyday.

About 3 years ago I was scoped for what was going on in a day surgery. Two things they found. My stomach has about twice the amount of acid producing pumps. I swear this is how they explained it to me. They said these pumps, which produce acid to begin the digestive process from the food you eat. I have twice as many as most normal people. The second thing they said was that the valve between my esophogas and stomach, called the dual duct valve. (thats they way it sounded when they told me). That valve has lost it's elasticity, from so much acid coming up. The acid has chewed that valve up. That valve closes anytime food is not passing by. It's really nothing more than a ckeck valve.

So I have been using a very strong prescription, and it has improved my quality of life ten fold. They had to try everything under the sun as far as drugs go and different doses. I have been on this raperbazol for about 1 year now. I noticed a few weeks ago that, it seemed the presription would wear off before it was time for my next one. They are a 24 hour pill thing. When I say heartburn, many may not tottally appreciate my pain. It will knock me to my knees. There has been times I have to pull off a repair for about 20 minutes and just chill, it gets that bad.

Well so I went into the doc yesterday morning. BTW, this is the top guru for this at U of M. He says, the pills are losing their effectiveness, and the last resort is a complicated, risky and somehwat ballsy surgery. They want to cut out half my stomach, and then they want to unattach all organs from my stomach, turn my stomach 360 degrees, tightening the check valve, then reattach my organs that my stomach has tied to them. I could be looking at 6 months of recuperation out of surgery.

I am going to a specialist of the specialist which will be in town from the Mayo clinic next week. He is going to scope me and take another look.

What did I do to deserve this crap..