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    Tracer 'Idle Time'

    How can I determine a true amount of idle time for a BTMX with V17? Is this an important troubleshooting tool? I appreciate any help with this.

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    I was told you can tell the best after a power up. I believe the idle time is average of total time the panel has been up so over time your value can get skewed. So cycle power and watch for next 5-10 min and that should give you a good idea how you are doing.

    Its good for troubleshooting if you are having a lot of problems. Other than that it doesnt do you much good for day to day items. Think low end is 30% idle time, so if your above that you should be fine.
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    Even a BCU with a lot of items on its links should almost always be over 50% free on the Idle Time.

    If it is below this you might want to look at CPL routines to see if you have any that are not working or if you have some that are very large. The BCU can deal with a greater amount of smaller routines than a small amount of large routines.

    Also you might want to check execution times on CPL routines. If they can be scaled back from lets say a 15 second execution to a 30 second or 1 minute it would help the idle time a lot.

    But I only usually see issues when it dips below 20% but still the higher the better.

    After about 10 minutes the BCU should be fully booted and that would be a good time to check the idle time after a reboot.

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