i.v been in the field for 2yrs res & little commercial i,v indstalled plenty of resedentiol units, but i was resently asked if i could install a beer/coke cooler, reach-in, the box is already set up thay need the evaparates ,4 of them,pvc drain, compress, look like a package unit and god knows i'v worked on them , i found severa names of the unit , larkin,bohn, bangor, i thoutht to my self how the does this go, my brther is a electrition doing work for a 7/11 i asked if i could look at his coolers he said oky pretend you'r my helper, found to look about the same with a much larger candeser unit but the uint was outside the store in the back the unit i'm looking at looks like the candeser goes on top of the unit, i'v worked for sears and did plenty of refregerters , the desire temp is about the same 38f and i work with 22freon all day , however the label said 12 freoan how can i find if it's been change to a difrent type of refrigerant? anyway i think i could do this with you guy.s help by the way how much do i charge her ,any adive will be aprecaited