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    Had my first experience today with a Coleman (travel trailer) rooftop A/C unit and it left me totally dumbfounded!

    Repaired several leaks, evacuated, recharged etc., when checking system pressures....was flaburgasted! Ambient was mild, virtually no load on evaporator, however, I have never seen an R-22 A/C system operate at 30 degree evap with 90 degree condensing!

    Anyone available to shed light on this matter. Would be greatly appreciated!

    Ah!, and it does have a thermistor embeded in the evaportor, reckon it might protect the compressor from liquid slugging or such because the evap operates so cold!?

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    Think of them as a window unit.....

    I hate them because out here the plastic tops dry up and if you look at them wrong they break! And walking on a travel trailer roof is fun in it's self. Do enough of those and you start to like trailers... (LOL)
    The main thing I found is to keep the coils clean ( Like normal) and they work OK... I try not to put gauge's on them because you'll pull the entire charge out if your hoses are to long.

    Good Luck,

    What is snow? Is it that white stuff in a freezer?

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