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    Thanks to all for the info!

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    Originally posted by icemeister
    Originally posted by emerson climate tech

    An HVAC/R professional does not whack a compressor...

    He performs an "impact adjustment."
    I like that. I usually describe it as "fine tuning" the system.

    Again, since we're in this for profit, how much should I charge for using the "Impact Adjuster"?
    By the whack!!! ("Impact Adjustment")

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    The capacitor in the starting winding causes a hesitation in the ac sine wave, effectively making the motor a two phase motor which gives it direction of rotation because the magnetic fields build up in the windings at different times. So, moving the capacitor to the run winding changes the direction; that is also why 3 phase doesn't need a start winding.

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    "Impact Adjustment"


    TO Fix does not allways mean repair,

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