Ok guys..what work for you all? I think I'm in a rut are
Been doing all I can from three page proposal,to bringing display out on the job..Showing all the math.yadda,yadda,
and as of late non of it matters.

Its seem everyone is shopping price,quality and craftsmanship and being on time,at there convinence like
when they arrive home after work around 6 or 7 no longer

If you homeowner out there are reading this,please dont
leave us to believe that you're looking for someone to do it right,and makes us spend four to five hours on your design doing all the math and research it take to achieve
the ulitmate goal.

The ulimate goal being,comfort and saving that you see every month when you open the electric and fuel bills.
Please dont abuse us,because as professional we think
you deserve this,even know you do not.

If you guys are shopping price,just say so.If the budget
is tight let us know,please dont be a shame to say i only have this much,can i get something at this price.
Shoot we are hvac guys,most of us are in the same boat.

Then as homeowner you wonder why,some contractor never call or show up for appointment,well after running all over town
dealing with people whom waste your time,and you got over
40 hours of free time for you all,not us because we got to feed our family as well.Think about it!!,hes properly is
fedup for the day and know its a lost cost,so why brother.

Sorry! got off topic.Wasted days and wasted nights.