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    I'm considering doing away with TM tickets, work orders and time cards. I’ve looked at a couple of services and some hardware, does anyone have experience or feedback with regard to FieldMaster ( or Field Ranger ( Also, are any of you techs out there using a Palm or handheld PC on the job?

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    I use Palm to remind me where to be and when. I also have an R-22 chart, superheat chart, tech support numbers(just incase), and several other handy things on it too.

    As far as the other stuff, I haven't seen them yet.
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    Our company is using hand held pc's The system we are using is buggy and as a ton of glitches and our guys are constantly having them in and out of the shop for service. Right after I was made service manager I was asked my opinion of these things and I told them what I thought and backed it up and it was kind of a shock to upper management. good luck

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