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    Are valve cores on R-12 automotive systems the same that we use on refrigeration? A friend called and said his high side is leaking on his 90 Chevy and I didn't know what to tell him.

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    not sure as I don't do cars either, ( cept that one time between jobs and used up the last of my 12 ten years ago..)

    Anyway..., If remember right, one side would not hook up to our conventional hoses meaning a different (larger) OD. Most likly same schrader?

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    older cars.......

    I remember the low side was same size as out gages but the high side was smaller, need an adapter ftg.
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    You should be OK on R12.
    I think R134 valves use different cores, but I would'nt bet the bank on it.
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    Re: older cars.......

    Originally posted by Diceman
    I remember the low side was same size as out gages but the high side was smaller, need an adapter ftg.
    I put the gauges on my dad's S-10 yesterday and the low side is the same size but the high side is bigger. Fords are different than Chevys and they both require an adapter of some sort on the high side. For sure. Maybe. I think.

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    I did lots of cars in the old days, low side the same, high side different.
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    The high side is 3/16". You can buy an adapter at most parts houses. Sometimes, both sides are 3/16". I keep two. For the newer models with 134a, all bets are off.

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    These are for r-134a. They are adapters that fit onto standard hoses. They press on, sort of like air lines kwik connects.

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