We have been working 12 to 14 hours a day trying to keep up while maintaining our quality standard. The phone keeps ringing and we just press on. I have 8 estimate requests that I have no idea how I'll ever have time to get to and the bad part, we haven't even hit busy season here yet. We finally hired another guy today, well the boss's son. He is a sophmore in college mastering in Aerospace engineering, so he's just temporary. When my brother gets back from Iraq he is going to be our next tech.
Until then we'll press on, it's kind of fun really. I got to get out and help on an install. We worked 14 hours, really kicked some butt. We have 3 hours or so to finish up on it tommorrow, not including the 50 mile drive.
Sorry about the big pics.

It is in a high school fitness room, now they'll have to work out wice as hard to work up a good sweat

While I was at it I thought I'd throw in a pic I took of the nice Iowa flooding as I drove by. This is usually a nice small river, usually about 4 foot deep with sandbars. Now, it stretches for almost mile wide like this.