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    i plan on changing soon but i need to monitor there performance so they are doing there job and not condemning good equipment for commision sales, i want to pay above rate but dont want thieves

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    It is possible. Maybe that person is good at convincing people to spend money. Maybe he is just a fast effecient worker. Too many variables in this one.

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    The question is: Do owners not understand or see the difference between a technician who truly understand his job, does it well, which in that way sometimes causes that tech not to be as profitable as a less experienced technician who may look more profitable, because he does more BS CALLS and changes more parts to fix something.

    I have worked for many shops that it seemed the less experienced man is the hero because of the larger invoices they produce and somehow convince the customer they got a good job. But I have also worked for other places that had complete and 100% respect and did due dilligence to the really good tech and tryed to calm the horse of those younger guys.

    My Take on it.

    As an employer, as a guy trying to make a business run solid. It is very tough to find someone that might fit you, and you fit them. But ultimately, I try to find good work that is available, then I try to as closely as I can find the service man that fits that mold. A good light commercial HVAC tech might not be good at residential service, a chiller guy might not care to even think about a rack.

    So once we have matched the work to the skill set, we then begin to fine tune the other variables. As an employer I begin to mold, and mesh the way I want it done, but keeping in mind how the tech is. Not everyone will be at the same level and it's ludicrous to think that. But with good crews and diverse backgrounds you can help them help each other to broaden each individual into a different set of skills.

    To get to the heart of the question. I do not condone erroneos repairs. I read every invoice that leaves my computer. I sometimes need to rewrite them. Sometimes I can truly see where a guy needs help. You can tell by reading a guy's invoice if they got it nailed or not.

    I would like to add something very simple. You get a good young guy. Bright. Has a lot of potential but he screws up a lot. It's not the owner allowing him to be the screw up. The owner should not think he's glory guy. And I am willing to bet thats not the case in most cases. But when you get a young man who has his head on straight, some of the goody treatment comes down by way of keeping the kid focused so he turns out to be another guru like you.

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    I only have three years experiance, and a 18month school certificate. I have no doubt I do as good as a 10yr tech. It just takes me 3 times longer to do it.

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    o since you think you know as much as a 10 year guy but take 3 times as long , then you deserve 1/3 the pay.if he makes $30 an hour you deserve $10.00 an hour, if your i/2 as fast you deserve $15.00.

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