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Thread: Need Help

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    Most of the guys that posted on this thread are business owners, and I think I can speak for the rest of the guys to an extent, that a fancy resume isn't what will get you hired.

    It's an attitude that shows a willingness to work and learn, and be Johnny on the spot. It's an ability to speak to other people with a confidence that, in your case, might say something like, "yeah, I'm new at this, but I know what questions to ask to get this job done."

    Don't get me wrong, a resume is necessary, unless you're going the route of applying for a job with your dad, but a concise, neat work/school history, with a few good references is better than a ten page tome of your favorite passtimes and lifelong ambitions. Keep it brief, keep it neat, keep it honest.

    Hide the tattoos, wierd piercings and long hair. Be polite, confident, and sincere. When you get the job, back that all up with your actions.

    The advice to show up before 8 am is excellent, too.

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    well i got a job interview on monday yay!!! I walked in this HVAC company on monday morning, I talked to the HR person which was a women and personally she made me comfortable. anyways she explained to me that they were a temp to perm hire. which is fine with me cuz i am getting out of school in july.

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