i started my current job about 2 mnth ago,good offer at the time mybe still, at an aparmnent complex, i queit my old job to head south where my family lives was making $16,00 an hr ,anyway i head down south TX got a job right away in restuarant repair & minor refrigeration making about the same , then bang! mom was diognos with incurablr concer she needed treatment and the best DR'S were in ANN ARBoR mich so i head no other choice but to come back , my boy and i , we stayed in my old trailer, that i gave to my sister and her family ,we slept on the floor and my perants in one of 3 beds, then for some stupid reason ,to long to get into, my neice kicked me and my boy out, i head to crawl back to my x-girlfriend the one i broke up with before i left, i broke her heart , she called everything in the book, but i had live without seen my family for to long, anyway gues who i head to call for help, yes her! and to my surprise she did,but anyway i aplied to some add in the paper on maintance , thay called and offer me the job $12.00hr , i took it , like i had a choice at the time !the is the first time thay hire an inhouse hvac guy with 350 units 10 homes and busness offices , i feel lonely with no one to talk to about the trade that i love, i was currently offer my old job back at 16 hr , i feel guilty if i quit, thay were there when i needed them , however i really don't have any good connections the guys , one them is areal brownosser has no skills but he makes the boss lough, i do a/c heating, appliences, plumming, and more , well thats my ugly ducklying story, and hows your day.